Growth and pioneering work
The Lobi Foundation was founded on 29 February 1968 by persons working in the social and medical sector, who were confronted with people with sexual problems. Special attention was given to the Surinamese woman with her problems. The foundation grew into a Family Planning organization recognized by the Ministry of Health in 1987. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Foundation worked on the establishment of a revolving fund for anti-retrovirals for HIV-positive people at the emergence of the HIV / AIDS epidemic. In 1998 - 2001, the first and only national Pap Smear program for cervical cancer screening was implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. In 2006, the Foundation acquired the position of accredited member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the IPPF.

In 2017, the Foundation was promoted by IPPF to a Tier-2-level organization because of its performance and due to prominently reducing the financial risks.

In 2017, the Foundation developed and tested a pilot project in the district of Saramacca for cervical cancer screening, which also carried out a survey of barriers for screening among women in Saramacca. This best practice model for a national cervical cancer-screening program is based on a roll out model per district with a community-based approach. The results of this pilot project and the findings of the survey conducted on barriers for screening are included in the National Cancer Plan 2018 - 2028.

General goal
Contribute to keeping the Surinamese population healthy by offering preventive, qualitative and integrated Sexual and Reproductive healthcare and related services

Specific objectives

  • Strengthening clients in making informed decisions about SRG & R and Family Planning
  • Promoting safe and responsible sexual behavior
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies and with that the prevention of unsafe abortions
  • Prevention of cervical cancer
  • Early detection of abnormalities in the breasts and prostate (breast and prostate cancer)
  • Prevention of STIs including HIV
  • Promote participation of the man in SRH & R

In the year 2018 the Foundation has grown into a well-organized Public Health organization that mainly focuses on the following categories of services:
1. Family planning
2. Cancer prevention and early detection
3. Sexual Transmitted Infections, including HIV
4. Education and Training
5. Outreaches

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