What you need to know about cervical cancer.

  1. Cervical cancer is, in most cases caused by the Human pappiloma virus (HPV-virus). The risk of developing cervical cancer is higher if the infection with the HPV virus persists longer (chronic). The HPV virus is transmitted during sexual contact. During our lives we will have frequent sexual contact and we will therefore often be infected with the virus.
  2. Long-term infection with the HPV virus increases the chance of abnormalities in the cells in the cervix, which first develop into a preliminary phase of cervical cancer. This process takes 10 to 20 years before cervical cancer occurs. (See WHO figure below).
  3. You can avoid getting cervical cancer. How? Through screening of the cervix. With the Pap smear or the VIA-method we can discover the preliminary stage of cervical cancer.
  4. Pre-cancerous stage of cervical cancer early detected and treated, gives a 100% cure chance.
  5. Because we are often infected with the HPV virus, regular preventive screening of the cervix is  necessary.
  6. Women with a HIV-infection, have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer. In these women, the process proceeds to the effective development of cervical cancer faster than the 10 to 20 years.

Pay attention:
During the pre-stage of cervical cancer, when there is no cancer yet, there are usually no complaints. Women then think they are healthy and do not see the importance of screening. By the time, complaints occur it can be too late. So be early to screen.

Many men and women think that screening is only for women who have multiple partners. Women who are sexually active for at least three years, even if they only have one partner, are at risk of developing cervical cancer and must therefore come to screen.

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