Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) includes all care related to reproduction. It is a concept that was introduced at the International Population Conference in Cairo in 1994. Before the ICPD the focus was primarily on birth control, now it is placed in the much broader context of sexual and reproductive health.

Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) will mainly focus on the promotion of responsible sexual behavior, family planning, maternal and child health, prevention of abortion and reproductive tract infections, including sexually transmitted infections including HIV / AIDS. Early detection and treatment of malignant diseases of the reproductive organs, including cervical cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer are also included in the scope of the sexual and reproductive health.

Furthermore, education, medical and social assistance in all matters related to sexuality are part of reproductive health. One of the main issues is the aspect of reproductive rights of people. Freedom of choice for men and women is seen as a precondition. It begins with, urging and encouraging parents to let their daughters complete their education. Providing information and educating men and women about healthy behaviors, nutrition, sexuality, family planning, pregnancy, birth, and infertility are also part of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

When providing Sexual and Reproductive Health education and services, the following aspects are considered:

  1. All rights-based approach: one has a right to assistance that is adequate and well organized.
  2. Violence against women: violence against women is the violation of a human right. No human being may be abused or assaulted in any way.
  3. Safe motherhood / safe pregnancy: Every woman has a right to adequate care and support before, during and after pregnancy, which safeguards the health of both mother and child.
  4. Unwanted pregnancies: Women have the right to choose whether they want to maintain a pregnancy or not. Help and support should be provided in both cases.
  5. unsafe abortions: We should prevent unsafe abortions by providing professional care to those who want to have an abortion.
  6. Sexual and reproductive health for young people: Young people are important in the scope of sexual and reproductive health. Programs that provide information and assistance should also be available to them.
  7. STI including HIV / AIDS: We must try to contain the global pandemic. This may be achieved by making people aware of how they can experience sexuality in a positive way while protecting themselves.
  8. Fertility and population growth: One must be able to decide to have children or not. If you encounter problems getting pregnant, guidance on how to conceive should be available. All countries should work together to control population growth by providing family planning services.

SRH & R are part of the basic human rights. They are essential for the full use of the possibilities that everyone has for spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. They are a tool to enrich relationships with fellow human beings, they empower women and thus the whole society and they are necessary for achieving equality between the sexes.

Some of these rights include:

  • The right to happiness, to dream, and to  fantasize.
  • The right to enjoy your own sexuality without violence, discrimination or coercion in equal relationships, with respect and fairness.
  • The right to choose sexual partners without being discriminated.
  • The right to complete respect of the sovereignty over your own body.
  • The right to choose to be sexually active or not, including the right to consensual sex and to enter into marriage with full consent of both partners.
  • The right to freely and in your own way, experience your sexual orientation.
  • The right to insist on safe sex, the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV / AIDS.
  • The right to sexual health, which means having access to all necessary information, counseling and confidential service provision of the highest quality.

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