All People in Suriname are free to fulfill their choices about their sexuality, reproduction and wellbeing without being discriminated. 

To lead a locally broad based supported, regionally and globally connected civil society organization, with strong partners that provides integrated comprehensive reproductive health and rights services for all.

The values which reflect our organizations identity are:

  • Social inclusion

We believe in social inclusion with a demonstrated commitment to enable the rights of the most underserved to be realized

  • Diversity

We believe in diversity, respecting all regardless of their age, gender, status, identity, sexual orientation or expression

  • Accountability

We believe in accountability as a cornerstone of trust which is demonstrated through high performance, ethical standards and transparency

  • Innovation

We believe in innovation as a crucial cornerstone to the continuing success of any organization 

  • Confidentiality

We believe in confidentiality as our niche in getting entrusted with the confidence of our clients to be able to keep serving them with their SRHR-needs 

  • Integrity

We believe in integrity as the ability to act with honesty and be consistent in whatever we are doing based on the particular moral, value or beliefs

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Mon to Fri: 07:15 – 14:00

Fajalobistraat 16

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What do you think of our website

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