The Department of Education and Training, through outreach activities provides information about family planning, sexuality and sex education to the community. During opening hours, at the clinics, they also provide individual or group education. Outside of the regular opening, it is possible to make an appointment, for groups who want information/education about certain topics.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
Stichting Lobi supports comprehensive and integrated sexuality education. Keeping in mind that it's important, to also pay attention to relationships and gender roles, control of power in relationships and unhindered access to appropriate and accurate information about sexuality. While focusing on promoting the rights of young people, the need for supportive laws, protection and education, we also advocate for comprehensive sexuality education in schools curriculum. 

The foundation of Stichting Lobi's comprehensive and integral education program, is based on the idea that one can only take responsibility and make correct decisions if they possess sufficient and appropriate knowledge and skills. Therefore information about, for instance, the importance of sexuality education, responsible parenthood, relational and emotional aspects of sexuality, peer pressure, STD and HIV prevention is provided

Workshops, training and information sessions
The department also produces educational materials such as flyers and folders. In addition, we provide the opportunity to be counseled in person or by telephone. Via email we also give advice to those in need. Conducting workshops for parents / guardians, teachers, health professionals, youth groups, participation in health fairs, is also part of the departments portfolio.

Requests for Education and Training sessions are discussed with the applicants. Education and Training Programs are aimed at teaching awareness, behavior, change, providing information, teaching necessary skills and adherence to a healthy lifestyle in terms of SRH & R. These programs are tailored to according to the age range and needs of the applicants and targetgroups

Information sessions for companies, schools, NGOs and youth
Information sessions are conducted to every group who makes a request. The applicants are asked to provide information about the age groups, so that the session can be tailored to be age appropriate. 

A standard presentation that highlights the services that are being offered by Lobi is used in these sessions.

We also give presentations at companies, which are initiated by Lobi or requested by companies, about a variety of sexual and reproductive health issues and services.

In collaboration with the clinic and the involved company, it is also possible to acquire services on site after the presentation, if there is a private space available to ensure privacy and confidentiality. 

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